FinMonster awarded from Cyberport Incubation Program

In June 2019, FinMonster was granted Cyberport Creative Micro Fund to realise our entrepreneurship idea. We over-achieved all milestones and completed the Program.

On 26 Feb 2020, FinMonster was selected Cyberport Incubation Program and move to Cyberport as onsite incubatee for the next two years.

2019 was the birth of FinMonster and also a challenging year for us and many Hong Kong people after all tumultuous social events. When there is a will, there is a way. The resilient FinMonster has built relationship with bankers from over 30+ banks and financial institutions. With Artificial Intelligence, our corporate users are able to source and compare banking offers and even obtain alternative financing easily. With a view to realise our multi-year plans and build up the ecosystem of Corporate Banking Fintech, we established strategic alliance with CryptoBLK and another global leading financial data company to co-develop our corporate credit assessment solution under the Distributed Ledger Technology. Apart from business and product development, we also share our views on business and society through our FinMonster Blog with over 50 thousand page views monthly.

The signing ceremony was replaced by office signing because of the outbreak of coronavirus. Having said that, we are still ambitious for the future.

The outbreak of coronavirus has plagued all companies from start-ups, SMEs to corporates. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. As a newly Cyberport on-site incubatee, FinMonster will get through all the difficulties and help SMEs get better banking support through simplified loan origination progress and reduced credit risk for financial institutions. To echo our saying in Blog earlier, our disruptive mindset is to break through and make a better world.  

FinMonster provides a one-stop platform for Corporates to quickly obtain suitable banking support and compare the best prices. We regularly share the latest banking and FinTech trends, as well as quick tips like info pack that helps SMEs financing. Stay tuned with our website and Facebook.