We are a marketplace to facilitate services between Corporate User and Banker User. Corporate User is defined as a company or its representative or its authorized person signed up as Corporate in Finmonster Platform while Banker User is defined as a person who has a Banker User Account on the Platform, including those who provide corporate banking services (Collectively as “Users”). Users of our platform can explore opportunities to satisfy or serve their banking needs. We pledge to comply with the obligations and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and to respect the confidentiality of all personal or business information collected, stored and used by us.  


In this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), “Finmonster” or “we” refers to “Eureka Holding Limited” of 12B, Century House, 3 Hanoi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong and “Platform” means our website


1           What information we collect about you

We collect the following types of information (non-exhaustive) from you in different circumstances while using our Platform or from other sources.


          The sign-up of new accounts as “Corporate User” or “Banker User”. (Collectively as “Users”)

          The submission of new service requests as Corporate Users.

          The provision of indicative offers as “Banker User” in relation to corporate’s new service requests.

          The communication with us through telephone, email or face-to-face meeting.

          Surveys that we use for research or business analytics

          Referral from third-parties such as our business partners or other registered users.


Below are the examples (non-exhaustive) of data or information we collect during different circumstances. Lack of below information may result in our Platform being unable to provide our high-quality services.


          Basic information of Corporate User(e.g. company name, certificate of incorporate number, place of information, description, geographical coverage, email, phone number, staff number, industries, general financial information and favourite bankers, etc)


          Contact information of Corporate User(e.g. contact person, business title, email, phone number, preferred languages and Wechat ID,etc)


          Basic information of Banker User and his/her current job functions (e.g. banker’s name, name of financial institution he or she currently belongs to, job title, years in corporate banking, banking function, geographical location, specialized industry, preferred language, office address, email, phone numbers, target size of customer, business name card, link to his/her Linkedin profile, Wechat ID and favourite corporates)


          Details of service request by Corporate User (e.g. requesting service, service location, service related amount, tenor, type of securities and market value, existing offer reference and excluded banks). 


The accuracy of data is largely depending on User’s input. While we do basic screening to check the consistency and integrity of information, it is User’s responsibility to verify and keep information up-to-date for the best matching of banking needs. We do not assume any loss or damage caused to any of our Users or third parties due to the provision of incorrect, inexact or incomplete information.


We do not collect sensitive personal data such as your ethnicity, religion, politics, genetics, biometrics or health.


2           How we use information we collect

We collect the information above including but not limited to the following purposes, used by us in or outside Hong Kong:


          To register and operate your account as a Corporate User or Banker User with our Platform;

          To understand your business background so as to introduce best-matching bankers for your on-going service request if you are a Corporate User;

          To understand your professional background so as to introduce best-matching business needs from potential Corporate User if you are a Banker User;

          To get back to your enquiries from time to time;

          To facilitate the matching of banking requests raised by Corporate User, we may share some or all your corporate information and service request details to our Banker Users. Meanwhile, if you are our Banker User, we may also share some or all of your personal information to our Corporate Users.

          To analyse corporate’s general banking needs, demographics, market trends and industries on aggregated or de-identified basis for our continuous service improvement, provision of better matching and sharing of more relevant information for both our Corporate Users and Banker Users;

          To enable our efficient on-going business operation;

          To allow direct marketing subject to your consent;

          To comply with legal and regulatory requirement.


3           How we store and secure information we collect

Though there is no 100% safe in Internet, we will take reasonable endeavours to ensure information security. Our Platform is designed to offer a high level of data protection. We use leading cloud hosting service provider Amazon Web Services to host our information we collect securely. The information is fully encrypted using SSL/TSL protocol and industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. Having said that, we cannot guarantee that information stored on the Internet is absolutely safe and secured.


All Users’ accounts are password-protected. Please take your own responsibility to keep the password confidential and do not share it with others.


All information collected will be restricted for access by our staff who needs to provide services to our Users or conduct other necessary business operations on reasonable need basis.


We keep information as it is reasonably necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected. Our information collection, storage and processing practices are reviewed regularly to meet the latest business need and regulatory requirements.


4           Disclosure of your information

We will keep the information collected confidential and will not disclose or transfer to third parties except for


          Our affiliates that provide services to or share services with FinMonster;

          Our partners who are financial institutions, brokers, lenders;

          Our service providers that support our business analytics, consultants, IT, legal services and marketing.


We or any of the third parties above may be required to disclose our information collected to court, law enforcement body, government and regulator by the laws of Hong Kong SAR or other jurisdictions.


5           Your consent and rights

By visiting our website and using our Platform, you consent to our Privacy Policy.


You have the right to 1) check whether we keep any personal data of you and request for a copy of the data; 2) require us to correct any inaccurate personal data of you; 3) opt out of receiving direct marketing or promotional communications from us.


On the other hand, we may need specific information from you to help confirm your identity when you exercise your rights.  Reasonable administration fee may be charged if applicable.


Requests for access to data, correction of data or for information regarding kinds of data held are to be addressed as follows:


Eureka Holding Limited

12B, Century House, 3 Hanoi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


6           Changes to this Policy

We might revise this Policy from time to time and would notify you accordingly. By accessing or using our Platform when such changes are made, you agree to the revised Policy. The current Policy is last updated on [9 December 2018].


7           Governing law and jurisdiction

This Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with Hong Kong SAR Law, and Users agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdictions of the courts/tribunals of Hong Kong SAR.

8           Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by a web server when you access our Platform. We use cookies to identify your access and monitor usage and web traffic on our Platform for security or analytical purposes in order to provide you with a customized user experience.


You can refuse the use of some or all cookies by changing the setting on your browser though you may not be able to access all or parts of our Platform.