FinMonster was delighted to join the HKU third FinTech Day

FinMonster was delighted to join the third FinTech Day organized by The University of Hong Kong on 8th November. It’s successful and we hope to share some good news with you!

We’re glad to meet renowned academics and key industry players to discuss the latest cutting-edge FinTech researches and projects, including Digital Banking, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assets.

Our Co-founder & CEO Mr. Jess Cheng is invited to join the discussion panel titled “Fintech Skillsets: Meeting and Making Market Demand” and threw lights on how students may prepare themselves to meet the increasing market demands for FinTech talents.

Interestingly, a consensus is reached that students should embrace new mindsets and FinTech skillsets. While solid FinTech capacities are crucial, soft skills such as adaptability and flexibility are equally essential.

It is beneficial for one to actively acquire different scopes of knowledge and skills. Interdisciplinary learning between law, engineering and business is particularly conducive to digital innovation.

FinMonster and many pioneers are confident about the big leaps that FinTech will make in the financial sector. Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for further information and sharings!