Happy FinMonster Christmas Eve Party!

As New Year approaches, FinMonster is grateful for family and friends taking the time to attend the Christmas Eve party and share our tears and joys we have been through over the past six months.

FinMonster was officially launched in early 2019. It has never been easy for us to grow strongly as a monster when faced with the twin crisis of economic recession and social instability. 

As a start-up company, we truly understand how devastated SMEs are experiencing. Despite the obstacle, we believe in “A crisis is a chance”. We have never left behind our mission to help SMEs to realize their dreams. 

Even if the road ahead is tough, as long as our dream is here, FinMonster promises that we will continue to work collectively with SMEs to overcome the difficulties. 

The journey to Hong Kong’s bright future is long and rugged, but FinMonster still believes that — tomorrow will be better and 2020 will be another fulfilling year.

FinMonster provides a one-stop platform for Corporates to quickly obtain suitable banking support and compare the best prices. We regularly share the latest banking and FinTech trends, as well as quick tips like info pack that helps SMEs financing. Stay tuned with our website and Facebook.