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Loan Market

In business operation, financing information is always a problem for Treasury or CFO as everyone want to know the benchmark of business financing. The only way to obtain such information is from your peers or bankers. Now FinMonster offer you the detail of loan market with benchmarking pricing, terms, lenders, news and analysis that powered by Refinitiv.

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Market Intelligence

Exclusive loan market information and trending at reasonable price

Decision Making

Enabler for timely decision making over investment, financial management and business decision

Cost Reduction

Transparent market information allows you to reduce lending cost and benchmarking prevalent deal

Loan Market News

Hustle for recent lending market development for your industry or peers, you should be able to get the customized news from FinMonster Loan Market News. Tired to ask around the lending news, here is your solution.

Loan Market Deal Search

Together with FinMonster matching function, Loan Market Deal Search enable you to compare the market offering to large corporate and existing offering to you. You will be able to know the interest rate, lending banks, terms or the purpose of the loan offered to large corporate, covering thousands transaction that same as your industry.

Monthly Statistic Report

We provide a detailed monthly analysis of the Asia pacific primary and secondary markets and their position on the larger global stage that prepared by Refinitiv.

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